Recess Guardians Testimonial

This is my son’s first year of school.  He is in Kindergarten. He is a very active kid, always running, jumping and looking to play chase or some new game he has just made up.  Now he is also a shy / cautious kid when it comes to new surroundings, people etc.  

The little guy had a bit of a tough time adjusting to Kindergarten. To make matters worse there was an incident with an older student during one recess. It was more of a misunderstanding and everything got straightened out.  Nonetheless, at this point he was done with recess.  For the next 2-3 weeks he would follow around the teacher who happened to be on supervising duty at that time. Day in day out just standing by the teacher each and every recess.  This active kid who loves to play just standing around the teacher!!  Just picturing it, still breaks my heart!

His kindergarten teacher who was very supportive throughout all this mentioned the Recess Guardian program could help. She arranged for a couple older kids who were Recess Guardians to play with him and a couple of his classmates.  This went on for about 1-2 weeks during which time he gained confidence and comfort in playing in the controlled chaos of school recess.   After a while he no longer needed the Guardians he would be off playing with his friends on his own.  The change was incredible, it positively impacted his entire feelings towards school!

A huge THANK YOU from us, your program has been great for him and our family!  You have a champion in me.