A program that teaches Saskatchewan kids to play - CTV News

It might seem odd that a program teaching kids to be kids is needed in the province, but ‘Recess Guardian' founder Mike McDonald says the proof is on the playground --and in a recent report that says 87 percent of Saskatchewan youths do not get regular, healthy levels of exercise. "Kids are either on their Game-Boys or on their cell phones or they're just standing around talking and they're not being active at all," says McDonald. The Recess Guardians program empowers kids to become leaders; they learn fun and active games and then they are responsible for teaching the games and leading other students in play. The program has already made its way into eleven schools across the province and has proven to turn non-active, withdrawn students into leaders. The program recently started in Confederation Park School. The school's community coordinator, Melinda Brown, says though it's such a simple concept, it has the potential to really curb classroom boredom...

Source: CTV News

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