How To Keep the Kids Engaged and Healthy During the Holidays

Ahhh, the winter break! It is always filled with family, holiday festivities…. And ample time to watch movies and play video games.

At Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians, we are always up for the opportunity to promote healthy lifestyle and creative play. Sometimes this means organized activities or sports, and other times this means simply getting away from the screen and being present, with yourself and others. This is a great lesson to share with young ones, whether they are your own children, relatives, or children of your close friends.

We put together a list of things to try as a family during the Holiday season to promote healthy mind and body, and to limit the rise of TV-Zombie-Kids. The more time kids spend in front of a screen, the tougher it is to get them out and about!

Embrace Winter

This is an easy one! You can go skating at the Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink at PotashCorp Plaza (near the Bessborough) – even if you don’t have skates, they offer free skate rentals. Bring some hot dogs and have a wiener roast rink-side at the fire pit!

Tobogganing at one of Saskatoon’s amazing hills, like Diefenbaker Park!

Escape Sports or Eb's Source for Adventure both offer affordable rentals for snowshoeing, kick sleds and cross country skis. Visit any of the City of Saskatoon groomed trails!

Take a Nature Walk at Beaver Creek to learn about wildlife and tracking … Click here for their holiday hours!

Build a Snow Fort or a Quinzee in your own back yard.

Decorate your yard by building a Snowman or making coloured Ice Blocks either to make an igloo or a fortress wall - use lights behind the ice blocks to light them at night!

Keep Cozy Indoors

Baking/Cooking- Look on Pinterest for a fun new and somewhat challenging baked recipe, or an easy, fun and healthy snack.

Plan a Board Game Night with close friends and family!

Go Rock Climbing at our local gym Grip It Climbing!

Visit any of the Leisure Centres and go swimming.

You see? There are plenty of fun activities you can do as a family during the winter break to keep the kids on their toes. Spending interactive time together has incredible bonding benefits for families. It is nice to relax sometimes in front of the TV or computer, but at Sask Blue Cross Recess Guardians, we would like to encourage more breadth of activity over the holidays. Whether you do it all, or a few, it is better than spending the whole break coup in front of a screen. 

From all of us at Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians, have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!